Since the “Devil wears Prada” in 2006 my dream was to experience the behind the scenes of a magazine. And last year I lived my dream for a few months: got an internship in one of the most influential lifestyle magazines in France. It was almost perfect: my apartment’s windows were showing me an ancient cathedral right across the street and the way to work was directly to Louvre—I mean, isn’t this some American movie kind of scenario? ;)


/ 1. A big project needs a team. And everyone has to have a clear role


There are so many things to deal with and think about, it’s so easy to miss out on a little important detail. From getting all the advertisements, texts and photos in time, to making sure that each tiny caption, author name and page are written right. In a magazine, firstly everyone does their part and then they check after everyone else’s work. A successful project needs a giant team effort.


/ 2. For a brand, it is important to do their research before buying an ad space in a magazine


Each magazine has a very defined public. For example, people that love MilK are highly aesthetic. They appreciate a well told story accompanied by a very well curated imagery, it’s people with a refined sense of style. Therefore, your ad needs to adapt to this public. You’d never find a flashy, highly contrasted or highly graphic photo on the pages of the magazine. If your ad doesn’t follow the aesthetics of the magazine, it will feel annoying to the eye and be turned over by a reader very quickly.


/ 3. Be nice and watch your tongue


Cause you never know who is whose friend and if the person in front of you isn’t the minister of culture :) No, there is no story behind this conclusion, but being in the center of the publishing house made me realise that this world is much smaller than you’d think. Especially the circle of creative industry.


/ 4. Everybody has doubts every now and then


Even the best of the industry need to hear that their job was well done. That they are indeed amazing. External validation is always much needed and motivating, despite where you are at the “success ladder”. 


/ 5. Take initiatives and ask questions


Especially if it’s an internship. Try it all. Question everything. How does this work? How can we make it better? Here’s my ideas: 1/2/3… I wouldn’t have had half of the insights if not for my curiosity. And I am more than grateful for every patient person that took some time to explain me their workflow.

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