How to keep your business going while the world seems to be frozen.


Spoiler: adapt.


Every entrepreneur needs to hear this: there are still lots of people that NEED you. Yes, you need to be more ethical in your communication, choose a lower tone, think of the needs of your clients right now and how can you fulfil them.

/ Forget your old communication strategy plan


I can’t help but to think that the big trends this year were happy, saturated, bright colours, extra shapes and uplifting, humorous communication. And how many brands have adapted their strategy and visual communication to these trends. Obviously, right now and in the near future these patterns HAVE to be changed in order for your business to survive.


/ How did brands survive previous crises


In 2001 the New York fashion week has just started when at the fourth day the 9/11 tragedy occurred. Ironically, the trends of that year were exactly the same: bright colours reminding people of the happy summer times. After the tragic events, all the big luxury houses had to close their vitrines and face a horrible stagnation in their sales due to their inflexible offers. But there was one brand that kept having a client flow—Zara. Because of their immediate reaction to the client needs and the social mood, their high adaptability, they changed their offer from “celebration of life” to “mourning and compassion”.


/ Your objectives right now


1. Accept the fact that it’s simply empathetic to change the communication patterns right now. Even words like “celebration” are triggering right now. If you're selling a product, do not use the classic marketing triggers like "there's only a few spots left", "discount until...". Any extra stress caused by your business can turn against you really quick.


Be very careful if you want to post something funny: it might make someone's day better as well as appear as insensitive. 


2. Reevaluate your business offer. What does your audience need? Or: how can you help your audience? Think deeply about your values and your "why's". This is the moment to serve people.


3. Be closer to your community. Talk to them, support them, share your own worries and standpoint. Even if you are a big business that doesn't usually show the people behind, in order to gain trust and understanding from your audience, you have to show up in person. Maybe even communicate the fact that you need to continue the sales process in order to keep all your team members. Shutting down or continuing like nothing happened is the worst choice.


/ How can I help you right now


You are lost about the further social media communication plan? You're one of the brands that followed the trendy 2000s visual identity and now need help to look less flashy and more empathetic with your appearance online? We can brainstorm your new communication strategy and work on new instagram templates for you to keep going and growing. 


If you are just launching your business and need a quick creation of its visual identity, I propose the service of VIP Day, where in 1 day I create your brand's logotype, custom colour palette and fonts that would be the best to communicate your ideas. 


If you have a solid business that needs a rebrand, I offer brand strategy and 360 visual communication services. For 2 months I would engage to work exclusively with you, to accompany you in creation of a strong brand concept and storytelling with a refined visual identity and other visual supports. You'll get my art direction counselling for any questions that would occur in the process. 


I also offer photo content and campaigns creation as an art director and photographer. Get in touch with me to communicate the details. 



Stay safe. Stay calm. Everything will be ok: you, your business, the world.

How can I help you right now?